5 Historical Plot Ideas (PRINTABLE)

Welcome to a new series, where I’m going to regularly be posting 5 plot ideas that you can use to inspire flash fiction, short stories, or maybe even a full-length novel!
This week we’re looking at Historical Fiction. Here are five ideas for plots:
  1. Two fiesty teenagers team up to break the engagement their parents have made for them
  2. A girl on the Canadian frontier rescues a bear cub and raises it
  3. A group of girls in the Middle Ages disguise themselves as boys to attend Oxford University
  4. The daughter of a disgraced countess returns to take her rightful inheritance
  5. A girl in the court of King Henry VIII investigates a gruesome series of murders
You can save the picture above or download the PDF version. Be sure to let me know if any of these inspire you in an email or in a comment below!
Want to pin this? Good news! I’ve already uploaded it for you to make things easier.

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